Target your ideal audience
Now at your fingertips. A self-service tool that makes Acxiom third party data accessible and searchable for audience sizing, segmenting and distribution.

Find the perfect Audience for your Campaign

Accurately identify relevant audiences for all of your media campaigns. Target consumers based on interests. Whatever your needs – by specific industry, by special event – Acxiom has a data package specific for your campaign.

Refine and adjust counts by Distribution Channel

Access verified third party data sets. Establish your own parameters. Understand the overlap of segments and quickly achieve the right number for your audience.

Manage Audiences and Distributions easily

Easily distribute your audiences across the Acxiom digital partner ecosystem.

Four Simple Steps. One Incredible Solution.

Step One:

Search available categories

Step Two:

Create your audience

Step Three:

Estimate the audience size

Step Four:




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